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Her Light Shines, LLC is a network created to ignite every woman in reach through social connectivity and personal development.

 In today’s society, many women are rapidly experiencing the challenge of mastering their ultimate potential, due to society standards, misrepresentation, comparison, misguidance, the absence of community, and more. 


Her Light Shines blinds every force of opposition through positive social engagement, motivational support, and self-development resources. 


At Her Light Shines, we aim to refine, redirect, and reestablish purpose driven women to confidently embrace their inner light through their live’s journey.



Stardacia Hudson, a 25 year-old native of Savannah, Georgia, and Kennesaw State University graduate, passionately pursues social entrepreneurship in women empowerment and youth development. 

As the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Her Light Shines, LLC, Stardacia thoroughly devotes herself to create innovative media platforms, to inspire and transform women all over the world to overcome every force of opposition that's prohibiting them to live in their true light.


Stardacia is also the Founder of Think Girls Inc, a 501(c)(3) educational organization for minority girls. 


"I believe we are all born with an inner-light that can blind every force of darkness, all we need to do is flip the light switch on, and IT'S ON!”

- Stardacia Hudso